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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

CAS cards

Good evening Lovelies! I hope your all well?

I've been playing with some new crafty stash :D oh what joy! Anyway I bought some of Sheena's stamps and a couple of days ago I made two CAS cards


The top one I made 3 score lines across the card which aren't very visible in the photo! I hope you like these? Thank you for visiting xxx



Linda Simpson said...

I love these stamps too Zoe and your CAS cards are stunning, love the sentiments on Sheena's stamps don't you?

Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely clean lines to these cards. Really pretty.

catherine said...

These are just fantastic and so stylish looking. Great stamp images.
x catherine

Tina said...

Both cards are gorgeous hun,beautiful xx

Kay Dalton said...

these are lovely, so clean and simple , beautiful x

Mrs O crafty blog said...

CAS cards are fabulous.. These are beautiful, Px

Gwyneth said...

Both cards are stunning. The simple look lets the flowers stand out beautifully. I love your addition of the yellow gems, the same colour as the daisy centres, on your first card, and the red to match the poppies on the second. They are the perfect finishing touch.

Laine said...

Wonderful elegant and stylish creations.

Cheremane said...

Oh wow Zoe two stunning cas cards love them both xxx

Anonymous said...

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Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Really beautiful, love the images and the sentiments are wonderful
Lindsay xx

Pauline Butcher said...

Gorgeous cards Zoe, I love them, such clean lines, and fab stamps. Hugs P xxx

Anonymous said...

Zoe two gorgeous cards absolutely stunning xx

Fiona C said...

Love both of these! xx

indie said...

Fab cards Zoe i love the clean, less is more feel to them.

Happy crafting,

indie :) x

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Two fabby cards Zoe love the images and layout
jacqui x

Anonymous said...

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